We recommend that the workstation is cleaned at the start and end of each training session. This is recommended in order to minimize the risk of spreading germs.

The information provided should be seen as best practice. We cannot guarantee that following these steps will fully prevent the spreading of germs.


In order to proceed with the cleaning and disinfecting of the virtual reality equipment make sure that you have the following cleaning equipment available.

  • Non-alcoholic disinfection wipes - referred to as disinfection wipes from here onwards.

Please check the requirements of the cleaning wipes to see if rubber gloves should be worn.


If using the same disinfection wipe on multiple pieces of equipment be sure to fold the wipe before proceeding onto another piece of equipment. This ensures that germs are not spread from one piece of equipment to another. If it is not possible to further fold the wipe, or the wipe is visibly dirty, dispose of it and continue with a new disinfection wipe.

  1. Make sure that you have cleaned and disinfected the VR equipment according to the article "VR Equipment Cleaning".
  2. Disinfect the desk surfaces of the workstation.

  3. Disinfect the PC and the monitor.

  4. Disinfect the keyboard and the mouse.

  5. Disinfect the storage locker next to the workstation.

  6. The equipment should be left to dry for an appropriate amount of time e.g. 5 minutes. Please check the wipe requirements for the recommended time. If the equipment is still visibly wet after this time, a separate microfiber cloth can be used to dry it. Please ensure that this is not the same microfiber cloth that is used to clean the headset lenses.
  7. If you have finished all of the planned cleaning and are wearing rubber gloves, these should be removed and disposed of. You should also wash your hands.

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