After DeepTraining

After performing DeepTraining sessions follow these instructions to prepare the equipment for the next trainer.


Turn off the controllers

1. Turn off the controllers.

DSC00692zoomedin2 (1)To turn the controller off, press and hold the System button until you hear a beeping sound. When you quit the  SteamVR app, the controllers will automatically turn off.


Switch off the base station sensors

2. Switch off the base station sensors.

The base stations have no physical off button. Turn them off by disconnecting the power.

Disconnect the power bank

3. Disconnect the power bank from the headset adapter.

The power bank and the controllers should be connected

4. The power bank and the controllers should be connected to the USB charger with the provided USB cables.

20200401_153032_v2When connecting the power bank make sure to use the designated quick charge port to allow faster charging.

Savely store the equipment in a storage locker

5. Safely store the equipment in a storage locker.

Notice: Sunlight and moisture may damage the equipment.

Close all applications

6. Close all applications on the DeepTraining workstation.

Close all running applications using the X button in the top right-hand corner.

Clean the DeepTraining workstation

7. Clean the DeepTraining workstation and the desk.

Cleaning Guide

Notice: The DeepTraining workstation should be switched on all the time. Do not attempt to shut it down or disconnect power.



Further assistance on our Support Page.