Cleaning Overview

The purpose of this document is to guide users through the process of cleaning and disinfecting the HTC VIVE pro equipment. After reading this document the user should know how to clean different parts of the HTC VIVE Pro with the correct cleaning equipment.

The information provided should be seen as best practice. We cannot guarantee that following these steps will fully prevent the spreading of germs.

The official HTC VIVE cleaning guide can be found here.


In order to proceed with the cleaning and disinfecting of the virtual reality equipment make sure that you have the following cleaning equipment available.

  • Non-alcoholic disinfection wipes - referred to as disinfection wipes from here onwards.

  • Cleaning spray with microfiber cloth.

Please check the requirements of the cleaning wipes to see if rubber gloves should be worn.

Equipment Overview

The table below lists the parts that should be cleaned and the equipment that should be used to clean them. The mentioned cleaning equipment can be purchased from Innerspace. 

Simulator Equipment Parts Intended Cleaning Equipment  Representation in the cleaning guide
  • Headset

  • Face and back cushion

  • Head strap

  • Wireless adapter

  • Controllers

  • Workstation and Monitor

  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Battery bank

  • Desk

  • Locker

Non-alcoholic disinfection wipes with rubber gloves (If required)

The golden wipe with this hand pose is used to visualize the disinfection wipe

  • Headset lenses
Cleaning spray and microfiber cloth

The blue wipe with this hand pose is used to visualize the microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Articles

We have split the cleaning guide into three sections.

VR Equipment Cleaning

Before and after each training session.

Cleaning the Workstation

Before and after all training sessions.

Regular Equipment Cleaning

Once a month


General Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting Intervals

In general the equipment should be cleaned and disinfected at reasonable time intervals relating to how often the virtual reality equipment is used. To initially set the cleaning and disinfecting intervals we recommend that the equipment is being cleaned thoroughly at least once a month. Also, as a reaction to the current Covid-19 state we instruct every user to clean and disinfect the surfaces of the virtual reality equipment after each users training session.

To summarize, we recommend:

  • Surface cleaning and disinfection before and after each user has finished their training session - especially during the COVID-19 time period.

  • Regular in-depth cleaning and disinfecting at least once a month. This time period can be adjusted depending on how often the equipment is used.

When cleaning the equipment, the following actions should be avoided:

  • Do not spray disinfectants or any other liquids directly on the VR equipment.
  • Do not apply disinfectants or wipes to foam materials (such as foam face cushions), fabric (such as straps) or sensitive components (such as lenses or eye trackers).
  • Do not dip or soak the headset or controllers in liquid.
  • Do not use UV lights to sterilize headsets.
  • Do not tumble dry, iron, or expose face cushions to direct sunlight.