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Correct Folding Of Disinfection Cloths

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators make Human Errors when using disinfection wipes such as folding the wipe incorrectly or overusing one side of the wipe.

In this unit, the trainee will learn about the importance of correctly folding disinfection wipes and the risks associated when not performing this process correctly. The training exercises will teach the trainee how to correctly fold disinfection wipes to avoid contamination of surfaces.

Feedback will be provided to ensure that the operator creates awareness of their own weaknesses and to ensure that the exercises are performed correctly.


Human Errors

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators:

  • Fail to fold disinfection wipes correctly to enclose dirt.

  • Are not aware about the importance of wetting a surface correctly

  • Are not aware of the importance of using the correct number of wiping strokes whilst cleaning a surface.

  • Are not aware that there are different wipes with different recommended usage capacities.

Learning Objectives

In this Unit the trainee practices:

  • Using different wipes with different characteristics.

  • Correct folding technique and disposing of wipes at the correct time to avoid overusage and the distribution of germs.

  • Transferring these abilities to Virtual Key Moments (Exam) and Real Key Moments.

Feedback Features

The trainee is guided by immediate feedback:

  • Visual Highlighting of hand regions.

  • DeepVision

  • Audio, visual and haptic feedback when an error occurs.


  • No parameterizations