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Exposure Time

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators make Human Errors when using disinfectants such as failing to wait long enough for the disinfectant to become effective against germs.

In this unit, the trainee will learn how to correctly estimate disinfection exposure times and why this is important in the cleanroom. The training exercises will teach the trainee how to focus their attention and correctly estimate disinfection times even if there is no clock available.

Feedback will be provided to ensure that this technique is learned correctly.


Human Errors

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators:

  • Are not aware that there are different exposure times for different disinfectants to become effective against germs.

  • Fail at correctly estimating disinfection times in the absence of a clock.

Learning Objectives

In this Unit the trainee practices:

  • Focusing their attention on the defined exposure times of disinfectants.

  • Leaving disinfectant for the correct amount of time by using mental strategies.

  • Transferring these skills to Virtual Key Moments (Exam) and Real Key Moments.

Feedback Features

The trainee is guided by immediate feedback.

  • DeepVision

  • Audio, visual and haptic feedback when an error occurs.


  • Exposure time can be parameterized with the assistance of Innerspace Support