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Operator Glove Disinfection

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators make Human Errors when disinfecting their gloves such as forgetting certain areas of the glove or not waiting long enough for the correct disinfectant exposure time.

In this unit, the trainee is introduced to the different glove regions that need to be disinfected and how this is done according to EN 1500. The training exercises will teach the trainee how to distinguish the individual areas that need to be disinfected.

Visual highlighting of the glove regions is shown to the trainee to ensure that the exercise is performed correctly.


Human Errors

Innerspace Human Error Analysis has shown that operators:

  • Are not aware of contamination risks caused by wrong or incomplete glove disinfection.

  • Are not aware of the importance of exposure times.

  • Are not aware of fact that gloves are not sterile and can lead to cross-contamination.

Learning Objectives

In this Unit the trainee practices:

  • Focusing their attention on the causes and risks of microbial contamination through touching and cross-contamination.

  • Distinguishing the individual steps that are required in glove disinfection.

  • How to apply and distribute disinfectant over all areas of their gloves and wrists in accordance with EN 1500.

  • Waiting for the disinfectant to be effective.

  • Transferring these abilities to Virtual Key Moments (e.g. Exam) and Real Key Moments

Feedback Features

The trainee is guided by immediate feedback:

  • Visual Highlighting of glove regions.

  • DeepVision

  • Audio, visual and haptic feedback when an error occurs.


  • No parameterizations